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Chain debarker
March, 1964 Eno Sangyo Co., Ltd was established with capital of 1000000 yen. Released chain debarker
May, 1964 Awarded by Japan Patent Office and Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation
November, 1969 New Head Office at Asahikawa 3jo20chome is established
April, 1973 Released cutter-head debarker
October, 1973 Released HY series Ring debarker
August, 1975 Released multifunctional L50 cutter-head debarker
December, 1976 East business office in Saitama pref., Honjo city was established
August, 1977 Released N15L cutter-head debarker for Japanese cedar and cypress
July, 1979 Awarded by Small and Medium Enterprise Agency
September, 1979 Released R38 Ring Debarker
July, 1983 Released S38 Ring Debarker
October, 1985 Released S100C Ring Debarker for big-diameter logs
October, 1986 Released high-frequency wood splicer, which became the first step to producing equipment for further processing of wood
November, 1986 Released HOT LAND » wood drying kilns
August, 1987 Released double-rotor Ring Debarker
April, 1989 Released AHB series automatic debarker for plywood production
August, 1989 Released UV drying system
March, 1992 Released WSTK automatic feeder
November, 1992 New head office, manufacturing department and stocks are established at Higashikawa
October, 1993 Released A15 fully-automated cutter-head debarker
May, 1994 Released high-speed Ring Debarker series
March, 1995 Released EBW bark grinder series
July, 1996 Released fully-automated ED series deck saw for plywood production
February, 2000 Released multifunctional E-Dry series wood drying kilns
March, 2004 Released high-speed EDZ series deck saw
March, 2005 Began to sell SECEA wood drying equipment
April, 2005 Released high-speed RM55RFII medium diameter Ring Debarker for Japanese cedar and cypress
April, 2006 Released high-speed NS54RFII H medium diameter Ring Debarker for pine tree.
April, 2008 Released E-Dry III Pressure Control Wood Drying System
September, 2009 Released Large-size wood drying kilns/ENL, EHL series
February, 2010 Released Large Diameter Ring Debarker for cedar and cypress R85RV
June, 2014 Released Large Diameter Ring Debarker for cedar and cypress R70RD